Villa ( Florence, Italy)

Luxury Real Estate Collection is pleased to present to you the old Florentine mansion with a fascinating history and a rich historical past. For centuries, this villa was owned by Tuscan aristocrats, among them - Lord Hochberg, he acquired it at the end of the XX century and made changes in the interior decoration of the house.

The unique villa is located in the heart of Tuscany - just 5 km from the historic center of Florence, among the green hills of the town of Fiesole. The area of the estate is 18 hectares. The house with the area of 3800 square meters is surrounded by greenery of ancient oaks and lindens, and right at the terraces towers a stone oak and a camphor laurel, planted in the early XVII century! Around the estate there is a magnificent garden in Italian style, lush vegetation which partially hides the facade of the house.

The exterior of the villa nicely retained recognizable features of the style of XV- XVIII centuries , while the interior was changed by its previous owners. It was Lord Hochberg in the late nineteenth century, who ordered a magnificent plaster molding in the Neo-Rococo style, which certainly reflects his love of luxury and pomposity. Authorship and interior decoration of this rare beauty of the villa is attributed to Tammaro de Marinis, it was he who furnished the villa in accordance with the fasion of that time.

Visitors of the house feel like they are in medieval Florence - that's how lovely the interior of the house is. It enchants and astonishes.

Guests are greeted by a unique Golden Hall , built on the site of an ancient chapel. The breathtakingly beautiful arch is decorated with frescoes, it is a model of high art. Colored marble floors of this fabulous hall reflect the sunlight coming from the large windows, creating a unique effect.

Absolutely amazing Black Moon Hall got its name because of the moon which the craftsmen constructed on the ceiling and framed with the elements of modeling.

The old Ballroom - Salon of Hochberg, like others, is decorated with plaster moldings and is luxuriantly furnished in Florentine style . Wide glass doors lead from the cabin to a spacious terrace with stunning views of the park and the surrounding Tuscan hills.

In this house lives the splendor of the past, you will fully enjoy the true splendor and brilliance of genuine aristocracy. Contact us for full information on buying this delightful Tuscan villa, and we will turn your dream into reality.