House "Turtle" - luxurious mansion with its own access to the channel of the Dnieper

Luxurious mansion with its own access to the channel of the Dnieper. Created by true masters.

Luxury Real Estate Collection is pleased to present one of the finest mansions in Ukraine - a home that will win you over at first sight. This luxury villa with access to the Dnieper waterway located in the elite cottage town"Dnprova Hvilya" has it's own private security, infrastructure, and a tennis court. The look of the house, built out of exclusive natural materials, resembles of a turtle - a symbol of longevity, heavenly support and steady progress. This "Turtle" for sure will give it's owner protection and prosperity!

Stunning views of land overlooks the shipping channel of the Dnieper, has it's own dock and well-maintained beach area. Landscaping adorns everything of the 0.94 hectare area on which a garage with utility rooms, solarium and sauna are organically located.

The house, built in the best traditions of construction is a work of art and is designed to emphasize the status of its owner. Everything here differenciates from ordinary by outstanding quality. Exclusive pieces of furniture were created by true masters, every detail of the luxury Italian interior is designed to give satisfaction and comfort. The house, which has an area of 900 square meters, is built on one level for maximum convenience and is equipped with the system "smart house Berker».

This unique mansion - a true decoration of Concha Zaspa - fully ready for occupancy. We will happily help you make your dream a reality!