Star De Lux's philosophy of luxury

On the 6th and 7th of December 2012 a new all-Ukrainian architectural contest of “Interior of the Year-2012” was held in “Mystetsky Arsenal”, the biggest art centre of Ukraine. It's goal is to award the brightest, most luxurious , professional and original interiors of houses, apartments and business buildings. Ihor Dotsenko, a partner of the Star De Lux company, the interior designer for the luxury cottage town of Blaue Lagune, has participated in the contest as a member of the jury. 

He also held a master-class at the event, where spoke about distinctive features of real estate objects in the collection of Star De Lux. 

The Star de Lux company shared their concept of collectible real estate and perception of luxury with the guests and participants of the contest. The seasoned architects got particularly interested in Royal Valley Island – a fully-featured 6,7 hectares island on the Dnieper in the town of Kozyn that is also a part of Star De Lux's collection. 

 Royal Valley Island is a splendid collectible object surrounded by presentable estate, making it possible to bring an ambitious architectural project to life. 

Let us recall that in 2011 the Star De Lux company started it's own real estate collection based on a clear philosophical perception of the phenomenon of luxury. The company doesn't just stock up with real estate objects, but unveils the essence of collectible masterpieces. All communication the company holds about the collection they've created is dedicated to sharing their knowledge on luxurious real estate along with their philosophy.