Luxury эксперт

As a known expert of deluxe and premium real estate, Star De Lux on the 28th of November 2012 took part in the ceremony of the most prestigious award of the luxury industry – Luxury Lifestyle Awards, that was held at the Fairmont Grand Hotel Kiev. This year Star De Lux has not only been there as a contestant, but also as an expert. 55 participants were competing in 9 categories.

Each winner has been awarded with a “Golden Crown” made by the Faraone Menella jewelry company from New York. The “Crown”, traditionally covered with 24-kt gold, is the official prize of Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

Participation in this event let Star De Lux have a closer look at deluxe products shown there, share their experience of luxury perception through the suburban cottage town of “General’skiye Dachi” that is a part of Star De Lux’s collection, estimate value of their activity in selling elite real estate and also determine the development stage of this market along with most expected trends of Star De Lux itself and of it’s activities for the nearest future.

Star De Lux always supports Luxury Lifestyle Awards with participation, therefore expressing care and attention towards their clients.