Sky Hall Penthouse classic beauty and splendor

The Star De Lux company has added the deluxe Sky Hall Penthouse to its collection.

The penthouse of 300 square meters is a classic example of luxurious accommodation in the very center of the capital, between St. Andrew’s, St. Michael’s and St. Sophia cathedrals. It’s situated on the highest floor of an antique building at Bol’shaya Zhitomirskaya 4B. The building itself has been reconditioned according to the latest demands of luxury admirers. For example, there’s a separate private elevator to the residence. One more interesting architectural solution is a paned roof that not only provides additional lighting, but also lets you feast your eyes on views of old Kyiv. The enjoyable half-light of the first floor and bright sunlight of the second one, solitude and peace.

In order to accentuate historical significance of the place the interior of the penthouse has been designed in styles of Empire, Classicism and Secession, therefore emphasizing on strive towards classic beauty and history. The uncommon architectural solution of Sky Hall Penthouse’s interior lets you enjoy both cozy semi-darkness behind closed drapes and the sun beams together with views of Andriyivskyy Descent out of the apartment’s windows.

Surroundings of the building where the luxurious penthouse is located are also unique: art galleries, boutiques, cultural centers and parks are right near the house.

This is how another luxury item, truly exceptional in all ways, has appeared in our collection, and we’ll gladly introduce it to our clients.