Luxury as an inspiration

On the 23rd of August the Star De Lux company gathered luxury connoisseurs to present the collection of luxury real estate in one of it’s objects – the comfortable club resort of “General’skiye Dachi”.

Thanks to our partners – the companies of Bentley Kiev, Cognac Frapin, Weingut Werner Anselmann, Crystal Group, The Imperial Tailoring Co, Jura, Lead Air, “Fortuna” Cigar House, and mediapartners - Platinum, Code and “Antikvar”, we’ve created the vibe of beauty and sophistication, where one could get inspiration to discover something new, unconventional and luxurious. The common cultural codes and the single scale of our guests’ purposes led to a laid-back enjoyable chat, new creative thoughts and fresh decisions.

The opportunity to express the inspiration in a painting turned out to be a pleasant surprise for the women – the canvas were waiting for the inspired right there on the lawn. While men were interested by the exhibition of rare photographs and autographs. A live performance of Igory Rudyi, the well-know saxophonist, added up some liveliness and drive. The luckiest ones won the opportunity to try the new helicopter from the Lead Air company and observe Star De Lux exclusive real estate from a bird’s eye view.