The presentation of Generalskiye dachi

Two deluxe presentations have taken place in Kyiv these days: the noisy and engine-roaring Ferrari car show, and a calm, almost couture presentation of “General’skie dachi” – collectable real estate, a small Switzerland with Alpine chalets.

It appears that even this is possible in Ukraine. A “shepherd’s house” for a million of dollars. Why not?! Why not please yourself with a tour to Switzerland when a ticket costs as much as a liter of petrol?

This nook of an old-growth pinewood is 15 minutes away from Kyiv, located near a well-known leisure resort, “Partizan” country club. The presentation of collectible real estate was happening in the mood of peace and enravishment. Light music, sophisticated drinks and cigars – the usual of parties like this. No wonder, since people have come here to fall in love. Any kind of rush has nothing to do here.

There’s no need to say that an owner of such a “hut” doesn’t foredoom himself or herself to a marathon of daily routine: the pool is always in a perfect condition, the lawn is carefully mowed, and a personal cellar with collectible wines is available – everything has already been taken care of.

Here it’s not considered respectable to behave like a businesslike foreman and ask, for example, what the walls are made of. When it’s about a collection like this, about luxury real estate – such a question is at least inappropriate. Living in a “shepherd’s house” for a million of dollars is a turn that gives the feeling of wild freedom.