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The Open Air collection

Involving others to the collection, communicating with those who admire unique things just like you do – here’s the main delight of a collector.

As true collectors, Star De Lux sometimes also invite honorable people, those who value luxury and sophisticated tastes, to become familiar with the wonderful collection of unique places and architectural masterpieces that we bag. 

The party on the 1st of August 2012 was exactly this way. The Star De Lux company gathered people who are good judges of Luxury Lifestyle in order to introduce them to the collectable houses of “General’skiye Dachi”.

Same as a good picture deserves a beautiful frame, a unique place is worth creating a proper atmosphere to make it possible to fully enjoy the magnificence around. The guests were being served some light dishes from the “Partizan” restaurant, indulged with cigars and entertained with background music and expensive gifts from the partners.