• Classic aristocracy for sophisticated judges

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  • Look, this is new”, - a person would say, but it’s already been here before, it’s been here before we appeared. Thus stated Ecclesiastes and it’s hard not to agree. There are things that come and go, however the others appear once and, having acquired their value, become eternal classics. A magnificent view from the window, a luxurious bathtub, a delicate couch – these are classic examples of valuables of aristocratic life that have been appreciated from the ancient times.

    Antique images of beauty inspired by nature and polished to perfection have become those classic artworks whose splendor is appreciated in the whole world. Finding the unusual in common things and spotting the familiar in unique in order to achieve aesthetic pleasure – here is the mission of classic art.

    Sky Hall Penthouse is the incarnation of classic style created for those who appreciate sophisticated things, delicate pleasures and classic beauty in all manifestations of nature, for those who have seen the World and accepted themselves, for those who like aesthetics polished for centuries.

  • Noble tranquility

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  • There’s no better pleasure for the wise than contemplating timeless values, these people have understood the subtle laws of nature and therefore appreciate classics in beauty and the beauty within classics. A man of vision values the beauty of both the surrounding and inner worlds, beauty of nature and beauty within himself.

    Absorbing history and beauty of each place, feeling each tree, hearing each rock, seeing each detail of vintage architecture and talking to ancient architects. Noticing beauty in each curve of wood and glare of stones on the pavement, in the starry sky above and the World within yourself.

    Sky Hall Penthouse is not just a residence for a wise and exquisite person, but also a place for quiet solitary self-improvement. This penthouse created in the best Victorian traditions lets you feast your eyes on the starry sky above, picturesque patios of the historical centre of Kyiv and naked flame in the fireplace, as well as enjoy magnificent music in the spacious hall and improve yourself both physically and spiritually.

  • Sky Hall Penthouse is in the very heart of the historical center of Kyiv: between Sophiys’ka and Mykhailivs’ka squares, 2 minutes away from the Peyzazhna Alley and Andriyivskyy Descent with a fascinating temple by Rastrelli himself as a view right from your window.

    The apartment is divided into 9 zones so that you may use the space in a creatively big way: the hall, guest room, sitting room with a fireplace, kitchen, bedroom, gym, presence chamber, library and a private office.

    A spacious sitting room in burgundy shades has absorbed styles of Empire, Neoclassicism and Secession. Any rendezvous would be comfortable and relevant in an accommodation of this kind, whether it’s a business meeting, a small cocktail reception or a private party for the exclusive.

    The first floor is a half-open attic with a paned ceiling, library bookcases, a coffee-table and a gym. This part overlooks old patios of Kyiv and the St. Andrew’s Church that adds up to the apartment’s allure.

    Sky Hall Penthouse is a harbor of a gentleman who appreciates history, the sky above and the harmony within. The glass roof of the penthouse widens room, enables space and sets thoughts and fantasies free.

  • An admirer of perfect masterpieces of beauty without any doubt needs perfectly polished service. Star De Lux offers a service pack that has become classic for elite housing and lets you feel light-hearted in the sophisticated Sky Hall Penthouse.

    There’s no need to care for the bread and the butter – delivery of various dishes from Le Cosmopolite and Belle Vue classic Belgian cuisine restaurants is at your service! Feel like Hercule Poirot! A big residence requires a lot of attention, since its value is in grooming, perfection and gloss. We can find a maid and a butler upon your request, and they’ll deal with household routine.

    Understanding and respecting time of our clients we can also suggest concierge services – solving secondary questions within a single call: charter a plane or a yacht, call a lawyer, babysitter, coach or any other professional – a concierge can do this all for you, just call.

  • Sky Hall Penthouse - is a unique residence partly because of it’s location – it’s in the triangle between Sophia Cathedral, St. Michael’s Cathedral and St. Andrew’s Church in the very heart of historical Kyiv. It takes about 4 minutes to walk to the Peyzazhna Alley, Andriyivskyy Descent and Volodymyrs’ka Hill. The view on Rastrelli’s genius masterpiece is right out of the window. 

    The penthouse is situated in an antique building reconditioned according to the latest demands. However, in order to preserve the touch of history, the apartment is furnished in Empire, Neoclassical and Secession styles. A unique feature of the architectural solution is the paned roof of the highest floor that lets natural light in. 

    There’s probably Kyiv’s strongest concentration of various art galleries, restaurants and boutiques around the residence. The nearest fitness centre is just a kilometer and a half away.

    Basing on all these criteria as well as ingenuity of the architectural solution we declare Sky Hall Penthouse a unique example of splendor and proudly add it to our collection of luxury real estate.