• Time bestowed upon yourself is the most valuable gift.

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  • Even the strongest ones sometimes have days of carelessness in their dreams. These come true at the luxury club community of General'skiye Dachi, a perfect place to enjoy privacy and take a break from all concerns. At General'skiye Dachi the games of life acquire brighter shades. Even ambitiousness and honor sometimes seek for a break, for solitude and freedom from conformity. Put off all gossip and other people’s opinion, set your public image aside to get away from the noisy crowd, find yourself again and free your soul from the burden of uneasiness in order to get a new vision of life. Reject the anxiety haunting your mind and enjoy the company of your inner wisdom. We have a soul that can communicate with itself and is able to hold confidential intimate conversations giving birth to the Truth.

  • Everybody has intentions, but only the great strive for the highest goals.

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  • Everyone has ambitions, but only the great pursue the highest goals of which they not only dream, but achieve by winning daily battles. The great men have a burden to carry, a huge responsibility, the duty not to lose face no matter what. But even the high-flying birds need a cozy nest where they can finally throw off the mask of official courtesy, resign from the daily fuss and bustle, and just breathe fresh air deeply.


  • A chalet is a home of proud Swiss hunters, blacksmiths and highlanders, a symbol of comfort and safety. Warm wood and a pastoral pond near the house create an ambience of seclusion and coziness. A tall fence hidden behind the distant trees is a guarantee of solitude and no prying eyes around. A spacious terrace with an outdoor barbecue is designed for open air recreation in a company of close friends.

    A dining room with a fireplace makes it possible not only to enjoy delicious food, but also to take delight in watching fire play in the furnace as you toast in its vivid warmth. High windows let much daylight in, creating additional space of the house and merging it with the environment.

  • A house at General’skiye Dachi is always ready to welcome you and your guests. We’ve considered everything you might need, so there is no reason to bother yourself with a list of duties. Just call - and any dish from the nearby Partisan restaurant, or a cook to prepare an exclusive meal is there in your kitchen. A maid and a gardener will be at your service as well.

    Next to the house there’s a pool where you can swim as much as you want; while complete relaxation is available at the hammam, Russian wood-burning sauna and a massage SPA center.

  • Daydreaming is a particular human feature, since this kind of dreams is not just a result of higher nervous activity, but more of the ability of strategic thinking, something that distinguishes homo sapiens from all other living creatures in this world.

    As an objectification of a dreams collector, Star De Lux gives you the opportunity to acquire these masterpieces of proportion and harmony of tastes and feelings, sharing the single hallmark of true splendor.

    Promoting flawless beauty, praising the luxury of perfection and bringing the light of quality to the worthy people – this is the credo of Star de Lux.

    The deluxe country club community of General’skiye Dachi is an associated project started by Star De Lux. It’s not just another dream of luxury and privacy come true, but also a striking clarity of vision of beauty and elegance.

    General’skiye Dachi is a jewel of Alpine architecture Star De Lux discovered and cut, and then put amidst the hospitable Ukrainian nature. Traditional architectural forms, classic vintage interior designs matched with modern technologies create that special unique vibe which is the object of our admiration.

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